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Herd Update December 2015

General Details

  • Cull cows continue to be fed 7kgs meal and ad-lib pit silage
  • All animals now housed
  • Bull calves weighed 340kg on 2/12/2015 and had an average daily gain since birth of 1.19kg/day. Heifer calves average weight was 334kg on 24/11/2015 and they gained 1.11kg/day since birth

Grassland Details

  • All farm closed on 18th November
  • Average farm cover 825 kg DM/day
  • Growth of 25kg/DM/day over past 7 days
  • Paddocks closed since 5th October have accumulated a cover of 1400/kg/dm/ha and this will be grazed first in spring

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Continue feeding meal to finishers at 7kg/head/day
  2. Another draft to be done on the finishing cattle on Friday
  3. Bull calves to receive 2kgs/head/day and heifer calves 1.5kg/head/day
  4. Replacement heifers to remain on 1.5kg/head/day
  5. Move weanlings into new shed
  6. Pen cows according to BCS and restrict feeding to 4+ cows
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