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Herd Update 30.11.15

General Details

  • Cull cows have increased to 7kgs meal and ad-lib pit silage
  • All animals now housed except for stock bull
  • Bull calves weighed 326kg and had an average daily gain since birth of 1.25kg/day.
  • Heifer calves average weight was 315kg and they gained 1.19kg/day since birth
  • Replacement heifers weighed 237kg and average daily gain of 0.79kg/day
  • We had 1.5 Ha left to graze on Newford block but had to house due to weather conditions
  • 1 incidence of calf pneumonia in a weanling this week

Grassland Details

  • All farm closed on 18th November
  • Average farm cover 825 kg DM/day
  • Growth of 25kg/DM/day over past 7 days
  • Paddocks closed since 5th October have accumulated a cover of 1400/kg/dm/ha and this will be grazed first in spring      

Key recommendations for this week

  1. All cows to receive salmonella vaccine this week
  2. All cattle to be clipped (backs and tails)
  3. Continue feeding meal to finishers at 7kg/head/day
  4. Another draft to be done on the finishing cattle next week
  5. Bull calves to receive 2kgs/head/day and heifer calves 1.5kg/head/day
  6. Replacement heifers to remain on 1.5kg/head/day outdoors
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