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Herd Update 31.07.17

General Detail

  • Scanning took place on Tuesday – 93 out of 99 cows scanned in calf (4 culls not bred)
  • 64 cows held to first service, 18 went to second service and two bulls served 11 cows over a 10 week breeding season
  • Matthew carried out all AI on the farm using teaser bulls as heat detection
  • Cull cows will be identified i.e. empty/poor calves/bad udders now and weaned early in September. These will be sold/slaughtered after weaning - we will be building grass as a priority for finishing cattle and weanlings for the autumn.
  • Contract reared heifers scanned 23 out of 26 in calf. 22/23 held to first service over a 6 week breeding period.  
  • The weanling bull calves that were castrated last week have had no problems.
  • Utilisation of grass has been excellent all spring/summer. However 130mm (5 inches) of rain fell in July towards the end of the month. 
  • Silage again delayed due to weather but will be removed on Monday 7th August
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Teasers worked well for heat detection

  • Weanling bulls and heifers are performing well with an average daily gain of >1.2kg/day
  • The steers and heifers are gaining 0.92 kg and 0.98kg/day since turnout out on the 14th March

Rainfall 2017

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Grassland Details

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  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1450 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha).
  • To view our grass measurement report log onto and click Newford Farm on the drop down menu.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Start feeding concentrates to heifers and steers identified for finishing off grass