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Herd Update 07.08.17

General Detail

  • Second cut silage was cut on the 8th August under favourable conditions after a long spell of wet conditions (38 acres).
  • Started meal feeding 28th July to the Beef Heifers (42) and they are getting 4 Kgs of meal @ grass.
  • The average weight of the Beef Heifers is 509 Kgs and they are doing ADG of 0.95 Kg since turnout (14th March).
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  • The Bullocks ( 47 ) were weighted  on the 8th of August and their average weighted is 512 Kgs  with an average daily gain since turnout of 0.84 Kgs ( 14th March )
  • 20 of those bullocks were drafted and are getting 3 kg of meal @ grass. Meal feeding commenced on the 9th August. Those 20 bullocks average weight is 563 Kgs and their ADG since turnout is 1 Kg per day
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  • Newford Bull calves were weighted on the 9th of August. They were 263 Kgs with an ADG from Birth 1.32 Kgs / day. Note : These calves were castrated on the 27th July
  • Newford Heifer calves were 239 Kgs with an ADG from Birth of 1.25 Kgs/day
  • 7 replacement heifers which were not fit for bulling will be sold off Newford . This will eased a small bite of pressure on the Autumn grass wedge.   Their average weight is 395 Kgs
  • The 2 teaser bulls were housed and are on Ab-Lib meal.
  • Calves were treated for worms due to a lot of coughing cause by the wet, damp humidity weather of late.

Breeding Details

Newford Scanning Results Carried Out on the 1st August 2017

10 Weeks Breeding Season

  • Cows that held to First services: 64
  • Cows that held to Second services: 18
  • Cows that held to Stock bulls: 11
  • 93 cows were Scan in-calf out of 99 cows over 10 weeks breeding Season
  • Note: 4 Cull Cows were not bred
  • 23 out of 26 replacement heifers were scan in-calf on the contract farm
  • 22 out of 23 Heifers held to First services over a 6 week breeding period
  • The 2 Stock Bulls ( 5 Star Bulls) decision will be made shortly regarding their future in Newford
  • Grassland Details

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