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Herd Update 14.08.17

General Detail

  • Started meal feeding 28th July to the Beef Heifers (42) and they are getting 5 Kgs of meal at grass. This will be moving up to 5 Kgs.  With the aim to sell the first of these heifers in early September
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  • The average weight of the Beef Heifers is 509 Kgs and they are doing ADG of 0.95 Kg since turnout (14th March)
  •  Meal feeding commenced on the 9th August for 20 bullocks and they are getting 5 kg of meals at grass .Their average weight is 563 Kgs and their ADG since turnout is 1 Kg per day. Grass demand has slowed up since the introduction of meals
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  • Newford Bull calves were weighted on the 9th of August. They were 263 Kgs with an ADG from Birth 1.32 Kgs / day. Note : These calves were castrated on the 27th July
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  • Newford Heifer calves were 239 Kgs with an ADG from Birth of 1.25 Kgs/day
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Breeding Details

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Grassland Details

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  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1450 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha).
  • To view our grass measurement report log onto and click Newford Farm on the drop down menu.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Keep silage pit tighten
  2. Watch calves for pneumonia
  3. Spread fertiliser ( Can ) after silage cut
  4. Get heifers weighted on the contract rearing farm

Please Note

Newford Farm welcomes all Farmers and KT Discussion groups to the farm