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Herd Update 31.01.2023

Calving 2023 Details

88 animals to calve down (67 cows & 21 heifers)

o Commenced 26th January

o Projected end date 20th March

o Expected 6 week calving rate – 98%


Preperation in Advance of Calving

o Cows/maiden heifers treated for lice

o Pre-calving minerals applied on top of silage daily (rate 100g/head)

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o Rotavec Cornona vaccine administered to animals expected to calve before 1st March

o Remaining animals will be vaccinated 31st January

o Calving pens/group pens power washed, disinfected, limed and bedded

o Calving work station setup - Calving jack & ropes, lubricant, iodine,stomach tube, tagger and tags


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2022 Beef Born Progency Performance

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Management Notes

o Dosed for worms and fluke mid-December

o Backs & tails clipped and treated for lice

o Offered ad-lib 74% DMD grass silage and 1.5kg concentrate of 18% crude protein

o Received clostriadial booster vaccine 23rd January

Yearling Heifers

o 26 yearling beef heifers were turned out to grass on 26th of January and are currently grazing 48 hour allocations

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Grassland Management

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o Soil samples taken 4th January to determine P & K indices

- Results will formulate a targeted fertilisation plan for 2023

o Slurry will be spread on covers <600kg/DM/ha - Heavier covers will be grazed & receive slurry


o 20 units/ac of protected urea will be spread on covers >650kg/DM/ha


Biodiversity on Newford Farm  

o To enhance the level of biodiversity on Newford Farm, 220m’s of native hedging will be planted by the end of February

o There will be a mix of 75% whitethorn, 20% blackthorn & 5% holly trees sown at 5 plants/metre

o The redline below identifies the site for establishing the hedge


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Newford Farm welcomes all discussion groups and colleges on to the farm - please
contact Donall Fahy on (087) 338 9634

To keep up to date with the latest news from Newford search the hashtag #NewfordDemo on Twitter


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