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Herd Update 28.02.2023

Calving Update

  • Calving commenced 24th January with 78 cows calved to date, 74% of cows havecalved unassisted and average calf birth weight is 42kgs.


  • There has been five cases of mortality (1 abortion - post-mortem result: inconclusive), 1 still birth, 2 died during calving and a 5 day old calf died due to a twisted gut). There are currently no other health issues on the farm.


  • Calves less than 10 days old are receiving RSV–Pi3 intranasal vaccine as a preventive against viral pneumonia and their initial clostridia vaccine subcutaneously.
    Calves will receive a coccidia drench when 30 days old as a preventative
    against coccidiosis.


  • 12 cows and calves wereturned out to grass on February 7th and a further 28 pairs turned out by February 16th. However, 22 cows and calves were temporarily housed for 5 days due to deteriorating ground conditions and there are currently 65 cows and calves at grass since 27th February.
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Grassland Management

  • Slurry was spread via umbilical trailing shoe at a rate of 1,500 gallons/acre on covers of <650Kg DM/ha and these covers will receive 20 units/acre of protected urea over the coming days.


  • 20 units/acre of protected urea was spread on covers <700kg DM/ha within the last fortnight as soil temperature was above 7 degrees.


  • Two autumn 2022 reseeds have been grazed off by yearling replacement heifers to a residual height of <4cm. By doing so, encourages tillering and allows light to reach the emerging white clover.       

Farm Cover

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2022 Progeny

Replacement Heifers

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26 yearling replacement heifers were turned out to grass on the 10th February weighing 282kgs after achieving an average daily of 0.75kg/day over their first winter.

These heifers are performing exceptionally well and are on track to achieve their targeted bulling weight of 330kgs in April.            


Replacement Heifer Weights

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Yearling Steers

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Yearling steers will be turned out once ground conditions and grass availability permit.
These animals weigh 438kgs (weighed 10th February), have an average daily gain
(ADG) of 0.69kg and received their clostridia vaccine in advance of turnout.

Winter diet consistedof ab-lib 74% DMD silage and 1.5kg/head/day of 18% crude protein ration,
concentrate supplementation has now ceased in advance of turnout.


Yearling Steer Winter Performance

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220 metres of native hedging was planted on Newford farm -

Consisting of 75% whitethorn, 20% blackthorn & 5% holly trees sown at 5 plants per metre.

This hedge will act as a habitat and corridor for wildlife on Newford farm and
also shelter and shade for livestock.


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