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Herd Update 30.01.17

General Details

  • Slurry has been spread on 24 acres (2,000gls/ac) of the home grazing block with an umbilical system and a dribble bar. The dribble bar was used so as not to soil any existing grass.
  • Urea spreading was postponed due to a forecast of heavy rain on Wednesday night.
  • The final group of 15 animals were slaughtered on the 26th January. 12 steers averaged 323kg carcass weight and were all “R “grades. The last heifer weighed 330kg carcass weight and graded a “U”. The last 2 cull cows averaged 302kg carcass and were “O” grades.
  • All 2015 born beef finishing animals have now been sold.
  • Herd health review was carried out on the farm last week.
  • A student from Mountbellew Agriculture College has started his work placement on the farm.
  • The first cows and heifers due to calved shortly have been drafted to the holding area.
  • One cow has been put on straw due to lameness, no medical treatment was required.
  • Conversion of the old sheep handling unit has started with side sheeting up and sheeted gates put on either end of the shed.  
  • Grass measuring and recording on PastureBase Ireland has commenced for 2017 – average farm cover is 924kg DM/ha.
  • Meal feeding the 89 weanlings will cease the end of January in anticipation of getting them out to grass from mid-February onwards.
  • Cows have been penned according to their condition scoring and are getting 100 grams each of pre-calving mineral.
  • All the Suckler cows have been regrouped according to their calving dates.
  • One pen of cows is receiving 1kg of concentrates to correct body condition  before calving

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover is 924Kg DM/ha
  • Farm grew 7.8 Kg of grass per day over the last 21 days 

Suckler Herd

  • Monitor cow body condition weekly

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor cows and heifers close to calving
  2. Finish power washing and disinfecting the last of the loose sheds
  3. Monitor the weanlings for any health issues
  4. Follow up on dealing with wet patches and stagnant water held in some paddocks
  5. Finalise vaccinating the later calving suckler cows (Rotavec Corona)