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Herd Update 23.01.17

General Details

  • A review of the Newford health plan took place this week and recommendations will be drawn up as a result.
  • A student from Mountbellew Agriculture College has started his work placement on the farm.
  • The calving sheds and holding area have now been washed and disinfected and ready for calving.
  • The last 16 finishing beef animals are on 8 Kg’s of meal & being fed twice a day. These will be slaughtered tomorrow Thursday
  • 89 weanling on 1.5 kg’s of meals and meal feeding will cease at the end of January
  • The last group of weanlings will move to slats tomorrow - finishers will be gone.
  • Cows have been penned according to their condition scoring and are getting 100 grams each of pre-calving mineral.
  • All the Suckler cows have been regrouped according to their calving dates.
  • One pen of cows are getting concentrates to keep them in good body condition  before calving
  • Cattle Slaughtering Autumn 2016 to date
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Suckler Herd

  • Monitor cow body condition weekly

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Keep a close eye on any cow getting near to calving
  2. Weighed the beef finishing cattle for the factory and booked them in
  3. Monitor  slurry  levels in tanks
  4. Monitor the weanlings for any health issues