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Herd Update 06.02.17

General Details

  • The first calf was born on 2nd February and there are currently 5 calved. No problems to report so far.
  • Cows and heifers are being drafted to the holding area as required before calving
  • The lame cow from last week has improved greatly.
  • Work on converting the old sheep handling unit is continuing
  • Meal feeding to the 89 weanlings has ceased with the anticipation of getting them out to grass from mid-February onwards.
  • Cows have been penned according to their condition scoring and are getting 100 grams each of pre-calving mineral.
  • The cows have been regrouped according to their calving dates.
  • The pen of thin cows are no longer getting concentrate as body condition score has improved considerably.
  • The later calving cows have received their booster vaccination of Rotavec Corona for scour last Tuesday

Grassland Details

  • Farm Cover ( Kg DM /ha ) 982 Kgs
  • Growth /Ha ( Kg DM /Ha / day ) 12 Kgs

Suckler Herd

  • Monitor cow body condition weekly

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor cows and heifers close to calving
  2. Finish power washing and disinfecting the last of the loose sheds

Monitor the weanlings for any health issues