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Herd Update 29.05.17

General Detail

  • Grazing conditions are still excellent on the farm.
  • 9.5 acres of first cut silage was cut on Tuohy’s farm on Wed 24th and baled on Thursday evening. There were 7 bales /acre at 25 % DM – will be fed to weanlings.
  • The first cut silage at home (38ac Raheen & 16ac Gort na hAbhainn) was cut on Sunday evening, was tedded out and wilted for 24 hours before pitting on Monday the 29th.
  • 15 acres of heavy paddocks were taken out and baled  last Wednesday morning
  • 114 round bales of surplus grass have been taken out for the month of May.
  • The cull cow (O=4=) and heifer (O+4=) were slaughtered - killed out 52% and 51 %.         
  • The replacement calves (26) are now all on the contract rearing farm in Tuam.
    • They are on a leader-follower system
    • Average weight is 115kgs and gaining 0.73 ADG
    • They are getting 1.5kgs of meal per day (18% Nut)
    • Weighing summary and performance targets are below

      on the contract rearing farm in Tuam.

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Breeding Details

  • All cows have cycled except one since breeding commenced on the 24th April. This first time calver has received Estrumate to get her to cycle.
  • The two stock bulls (SI & LM) will be turned out to the Newford herd on Saturday 3rd June for 4 weeks to mop up. One bull will be placed with each group of cows.
  • The 26 replacement heifers have been bred to AI on the contract rearing farm with no repeats so far.  Breeding started on the 24th April in cows and heifers.

Grassland Details

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  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1450 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha).

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Watch out for pneumonia in calves
  2. Order in the IBR vaccination for the cows for next month
  3. Get all steers and heifers weighted
  4. Keep silage pit covers tight
  5. Spread  fertiliser out after silage cutting
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