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Herd Update 05.06.17

General Detail

  • Grazing conditions are still excellent on the farm. Paddocks are being well grazed out.
  • 2,500 gals/ area of slurry has been spread on the paddocks where first cut silage came off ( Raheen & Gortnahabhainn ) , and 1.5 bags/ac of Urea will also be spread in a week’s time for second cut silage.
  • 1.5 bags/ac of Urea has been spread on Touhy’s farm where round bales were cut last week – this will also be cut secondly.
  • First cut silage yield (54ac) was estimated @ 10ton/acre at 25% DM )
  • Two calves were treated for pneumonia at the weekend and responded well to treatment
  • Magnesium buckets were put out again in the paddocks with cows due to the colder evenings/nights
  • The two teaser bulls have been taken away from the Newford Herd and are getting 3 Kgs of meal with a view to slaughtering them when fit.
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Anne O’ Malley Ballina with the Mayo Discussion group visiting Newford Farm 8th June.

Breeding Details

  • The two stock bulls (SI & LM) were turned out to the Newford herd on Saturday 3rd June for 4 weeks to mop up. One bull with each group of cows.

Grassland Details

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  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1450 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha)

To view our grass measurement report log onto and click Newford Farm on the drop down menu.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Check calves for signs of pneumonia
  2. Weigh all the steers and heifers
  3. Keep silage pit covers tight
  4. Keep Mg buckets out with cows topped up
  5. Power wash sheds