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Herd Update 22.05.17

General Details

  • Grazing conditions are excellent for 104 cows and 108 calves. The calf that was sick with pneumonia last week has recovered well.
  • 11½ acres was cut on Wednesday 24th and baled on Thursday evening (First cut silage in Tuohys farm)
  • 6 acres of heavy paddocks was taken out - Newford and Gort na Habhainn (34 bales)
  • A bag of CAN/acre is being spread after each grazing
  • The 21 replacement calves are getting 1.5kgs of meal at grass (18 % nut) in a  leader follower system.
  • Faecal samples were taken  from all the groups of animals except the cows
  • Plan to cut 1st cut silage next week.
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Gort/Kinvara KT discussion group facilitated by Catherine Egan & John Kilboyle Teagasc Athenry visited Newford recently

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Breeding Details

  • 8 cows have not cycled since breeding commenced on the 24th April.
  • 3 of these cows are less than 40 days calved so not overly worried 
  • We scanned the other 5 cows
    • One had an cystic  ovary and the vet has treated the cow for this
    • Two cows were given  Estrumate by vet and have come into heat since
    • Two had no medical issues – monitor regularly and hopefully will cycle shortly
  • All of the 26 Replacement heifers have now been bred to AI on the contract rearing farm with no repeats so far.  Breeding started on the 24th April in cows and heifers.
  • Teaser bulls are working very well, finding  any cow in heat
  • Once a day AI used -cows are being  inseminated at midday each day

Grassland Details

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  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1450- 1500 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha)

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Heat check each group of cows and watch out for pneumonia in calves
  2. Keep mineral buckets topped up and check cows for grass tetany.
  3. Tidy up silage pits
  4. Make contact with silage contractor
  5. Order in the IBR vaccination for the cows for next month
  6. Book in the cull cow and heifer into the factory
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