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Herd Update 28.11.16

General Details

  • Newford Herd passed the TB test on Friday the 25th November.
  • Finishing animals on 6 Kg’s of meal and still gaining over 1.45kg/day on last weighing 4th Nov
  • Weanling’s are on 2kgs of meal.
  • Weanlings have received their fluke, worm and lice dosage.
  • All the weanling have now received their full calf – weanling health protocol as lay out by the Newford Management (2016)
  • Cull cows have been penned together and are getting 5kg of meal at the moment.
  • All the cows have been penned according to their condition scoring.
  • The average body condition score for the entire suckler herd is 2.94
  • The average body condition score for the In-calf replacement heifers is 3.52
  • The average body condition score for the First Calvers is 2.30
  • The average body condition score for the Second Calvers is 2.75
  • The average body condition score for the Third Calvers is 3.22
  • 3rd Calvers are being restricted on silage – 3 days silage then 2 days straw
  • 22 cows (majority 1st Calvers + 2nd Calvers) will receive 2kg of rolled barley for end November/December to increase BCS
  • In-calf heifers will not be restricted and will be reassessed at the end December

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover 668 kg DM/day

Suckler Herd

  • Monitor cow body condition weekly

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Keep a close eye on cows for mastitis problems
  2. Monitor condition of the  in-calf heifers
  3. Monitor the weanlings for any health issues.
  4. Clip the tails of the replacement in-calf heifers.
  5. Carry out the December cattle weighing.
  6. Get the replacement heifer weanling’s weighted on the contract farm
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