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Herd Update 24.10.16

General Details

  • All cows and 2 stock bulls have been housed – Monday 24th October
  • Ground conditions have improved this week for young stock grazing.
  • All of the weaned calves are back out on grass – healthier environment after weaning and this will extend the grazing period. They are receiving 1kg concentrate.
  • There are 25 cows left to be weaned.
  •  Cow being dryed off are fed straw.
  • All calves have been allowed back to suckle cows 2 days after weaning.
  • The last of the  weaning will take place in the next 3 days
  • Weanling’s have consumed 22.5 Kg of concentrate/calf since meal was introduced in late August.
  • 2 cows have been treated for mastitis since weaning.
  • 1 male calf was treated by the vet for bloat and has recovered.
  • 1 in-calf heifer died due to a blood clot (post mortem in regional vet lab)  
  • All grazing ground in Raheen Woods and Gort na hAbhainn have been closed
  • Farm yard manure has been spread on a portion of the home paddocks.
  • First cut silage pit has been open and is being fed to all stock in the yard.

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover 408  kg DM/day
  • Average growth rate 12 kg/DM/Ha
  • Average Demand 17 kg/DM/Ha
  • Currently 24 days ahead
  • Current stocking rate: 1.11 L.U/Ha
  • Current stocking rate in Live weight/ha: 849 kg/Ha

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Keep a close eye on dry cows to avoid mastitis problems.
  2. Scrap down slats daily and apply some lime.
  3. Monitor the weanlings for any health issues.
  4. Clip the tails and back of the weaned  cows.
  5. Group cull cows and introduce concentrate to them.
  6. Have the loose sheds prepared, if weanlings have to come back  in at short notice.
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