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Herd Update 31.10.16

General Details

  • Weanlings have been housed on straw until space becomes available in the slatted shed.
  • The last 25 cows have been weaned and these are now on slats and being fed straw.
  • All weaned calves have been allowed back to suckle cows 2 days after weaning.
  • The average weaning date for  all of the  Newford weanlings  is the 18th October
  • The average weaning weight for the male weanling’s is 308 Kgs. ( ADG from Birth is 1.26 Kgs)
  • The average weaning weight for the heifer weanling’s is 298 Kgs (ADG from Birth is 1.19 Kgs)
  • All weanling’s are on 2 Kgs of meal
  • 25 finishing beef  animals  slaughtered this week.
  • No more mastitis cases from the dry cows - slats scraped down and lime spread on the slats daily until weaning is over
  • Cull cows have been penned together and are getting 3kg of meal at the moment
  • The in-calf heifers on the contract rearing programme will return home next week.
  • 99% of the grazing ground is closed on the main home platform
  • All grazing ground in Raheen Woods and Gort na hAbhainn have been closed
  • First cut silage pit has been open and is being fed to all stock in the yard.
  • TB herd test will take place on the 22nd of November

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover 480 kg DM/day
  • Average growth rate 16 kg/DM/Ha
  • Average Demand 1 kg/DM/Ha

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Keep a close eye on dry cows to avoid mastitis problems
  2. Scrap down slats daily and apply some lime
  3. Monitor the weanlings for any health issues
  4. Clip the tails and back of the weaned  cows and weanlings
  5. Follow up on all dosing products for fluke , worms  and lice
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