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Herd Update 20.11.17

General Detail

  • Newford Farm annual herd TB test took place this week and all animals passed their TB test.
  • There are 87 weanlings housed in total which leaves 20 weanlings still grazing and it is hoped to keep these 20 weanlings at grass until the 1st December depending on weather. They are grazing off some heavy covers paddocks which could not be grazed off by the heavier animals.
  • Most of the housed weanlings have now being treated for worms, fluke and lice.
  • All weanlings are on 2 kg of meal plus ad lib silage.
  • All doors in the beef sheds are left open, day and night to prevent sweating amongst the livestock and there are no health issues to report on the farm so far.
  • The in-calf heifers (22) have returned home to Newford farm from the contract rearing farm. They had been housed since September on the contract farm. On return home to Newford they have being clipped and also treated for worms, fluke and lice.
  • The Average Body Condition(BCS) score of the in-calf heifers is 3.25.
  • Most of the Newford Suckler herd has now being treated for Fluke, Lice and clipped.
  • The cows are being pen according to their BCS.
  • The thin cows (12) are on 2kg of Soya Hulls to build up body condition. Some of these cows are carrying twins.
  • 4 in-calf cows were sold of the farm due to surplus stock at an average price of €938.
  • The beef bullocks are on 9 Kgs of concentrates at the moment as they will be going on ab lib next week. This is to stretch the silage in the pits and speed up their slaughter date.

Over 2ft of rain has fell in Newford since May. Watch to find out how Newford has been managing.

Please Note

Newford Farm welcomes all farmers and KT Discussion groups to the farm.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Check calves for pneumonia and coccidiosis.
  2. Watch out for any mastitis in the dry cows.
  3. Clip tails and backs of all remaining animals housed.
  4. Prepare for visiting KT groups