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Herd Update 04.12.2017

  • All of Newford Farm weanlings (106) are now housed. The last of the weanlings were housed on the 29th of November and all weanlings are getting 2 Kg of concentrates plus ad-lib silage.
  • The last bunch of weanlings housed were the progeny from the first calving cows and the male weanlings were housed weighing 350 Kg with the heifers weighing 312 Kg.
  • The average housing date for all the weanlings was the 10th of November. The male weanlings were housed, weighing 348 Kg with the heifer weanlings weighing 322 Kg. Summary as follows: Note Bull calves were castrated the 27th of July.
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  • All the weanling replacement heifers on the contract rearing farm have been dosed and treated for lice. These heifers are on 80 % DMD round bale silage.
  • All the beef bullocks (47) are now on ab-lib meals. This is to decrease their silage consumption and to speed up their slaughter date.
  • All doors in the beef sheds are left open, day and night to prevent sweating amongst the livestock and there are no health issues to report on the farm so far.
  • The closing  grass farm covers on
    • Newford is  810 Kgs
    • Gortnahabhainn is 603 Kgs
    • Raheen and Touhy’s farm is 955 Kgs
    • Total grass grown on all the above holdings was 14.88 tons /Ha
  • Farm plastic collection was carried out on Newford Farm recently.
  • All the new in-calf heifers have settled well onto Newford Farm since their transfer from the contract rearing farm two weeks ago.
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  • Pictures enclosed is some of the 32 discussion  KT groups that are visiting Newford Farm between now and 19th December.

Please Note

Newford Farm welcomes all farmers and KT Discussion groups to the farm.


Key recommendations for this week

  1. Check weanlings for pneumonia.
  2. Weigh and select beef animals for slaughter.
  3. Watch out for any mastitis in the dry cows.
  4. Drain out water troughs in the paddocks to prevent frost damage.
  5. Clip tails and backs of all remaining housed animals.
  6. Prepare for visiting KT groups.