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Herd Update 06.11.2017

General Detail

  • 35 more weanlings were housed on Wednesday the 8th Nov. These weanlings will spend the winter out in Touhy’s farm.
  • There are now 87 weanlings housed in total which leaves 20 weanlings still grazing. All weanlings are on 2 kg of meal plus ad lib silage.
  • The average weight of the male weanlings housed so far is 350 Kgs and the heifers is 322 Kgs. Both groups have done an average daily gain of 1.18 Kgs from birth to housing. There are still 20 more weanlings at grass and they will be housed in the next week or so.
  • All doors in the beef sheds are left open, day and night to prevent sweating amongst the livestock.
  • All paddocks on Newford Farm and Touhy’s farm are now closed.
  • The last of the (9) in-spec heifers were slaughtered this week. The average grade for the 9 heifers was

    R =3 +

  • Out of the 42 beef in spec heifers for slaughter at the start of the Autumn 2017
    • 33 heifers were finished at grass
    • 9 finished indoors
    • The average age for all heifers slaughter is 19 months
    • The average Kill out is 52 %
    • The average kill date for the 42 heifers is 12th October 2017
  • The 2 (Fr) teaser bulls, 4 cull cows and 1 bullock were also sent to the factory and the teaser bulls graded 0-2=. The cull cows graded O=3 + and the bullock graded O+3+. Summarised in the table below.
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    • All remaining beef animals are on 6 kg of meals. Decision will be made in the next few days if this should be increased to ad-lib with a view to saving on silage.
    • Newford annual herd test will take place on the 3rd week in November.

    Grassland Details

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    • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1450 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha)
    • To view our grass measurement report log onto and click Newford Farm on the drop down menu

    Please Note

    Newford Farm welcomes all farmers and KT Discussion groups to the farm.

    Key recommendations for this week

    1. Check calves for pneumonia and coccidiosis.
    2. Watch out for any mastitis in the dry cows.
    3. Clip tails and backs of all animals housed.
    4. Prepare sheds for the in-calf heifers to return back to Newford from the contract rearing farm.
    5. Check out prices of dosing and vaccinations products for the coming weeks.