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Herd Update 19.03.18

General Detail

93 % of the Newford Suckler Herd has now calved.

  • 90%  of the Newford Herd calved within 6 weeks
  • 100 cows with 103 live calves
  • 4 sets of twins
  • One mortality
  • 7 cows left to calved

The average weight of all the calves born so far is 43 Kgs

  • Bull calves 45 Kgs
  • Heifer calves 41 Kgs

The average Calving score is 1.25 Summary as below

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First of the early calves (52) and their mothers were turning out to grass on Tuesday the 13th of March.

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The cows were turn out in 2 batches. Buckets of minerals have also been place in both paddocks with the cows to prevent grass tetany.

A number of cows have already begun to show signs of heat cycle

Newford farm loss one cow to health issues and a yearling heifer from an injured on the slats.

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  • 35 units of Urea per acre has been spread this week on Newford and Tuohys farm this week
  • Grass growth rate on the home farm was 5 Kg DM/Ha this week
  • As Newford Farm, like most of the country  is dealing with difficult growing  conditions this spring , the first rotation planner has been set up to guide the farm for the coming year.
  • The target now is to finish the first rotation on the 19th April.
  • The aim is to graze 5Ha per week from now until the 19th April.
  • Re-growth will be monitored on a weekly basis to avoid issues in the 2nd rotation.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor all cows constantly inside and outside
  2. Monitor cows for Grass Tetany 
  3. Watch out for any pneumonia in the calves outside
  4. Prepared for disbudding calves as they come of age
  5. Weighted the yearling steers animals