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Herd Update 02.04.18

General Detail

  • 97 % of the Newford Suckler Herd has now calved.
    • 90 %  of the Newford Herd calved within 6 weeks
    • 104 cows with 102 live calves
    • 4 sets of twins
    • Six mortality
    • 3 cows left to calved
  • The average weight of all the calves born so far is 43 Kgs
    • Bull calves 45 Kgs
    • Heifer calves 41 Kgs
  • The average Calving score is 1.27  
  • Summary as below
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  • Newford Farm loss 2 calves due to cryptosporidium. The farm has increase its disinfecting routine hence there was been no more incidents on the farm.
  • Another calf who had health issues has been sent to Athlone Regional Veterinary Laboratory for testing to sources the cause of death
  • One bunch of cows and calves who were at grass have been brought back into the sheds to allow grass to build back up on the home farm
  • Two teaser bulls have been purchased and will arrived on the farm in the coming days
  • The breeding season will begin on the 23rd of April in Newford this year and Matthew (farm manager ) will be carrying out the AI for 2018
  • A number of cows have already begun to show signs of  heat cycle
  • 23 replacement (16 Herefords & 7 Angus) calves have been purchased and they are being care for on the contract calf rearing farm in Carlow until weaning.
  • Due to the poor weather the yearling animals will remain indoors until conditions allow them to go to grass.
  • The below table shows the amount of rainfall from January to March this year
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Grassland Details

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  • Like most farms in the country this year, Newford Farm is also struggling with the weather. Grass regrowth is very poor and slow. Hence the farm had to put a bunch of cows and calves back into the slatted shed.
  • With the breeding season approaching fast, the farm needs to build up grass on the home farm. To be able to maintain the 107 cows during AI.
  • Grass growth rate on the home farm was 13 Kg DM/Ha this week.
  • The below diagram shows how difficult spring grass growth this year is as compared to 2017.

2018 grass growth is the green line.

  • Note : Grass Growth on the 4th April 2017 last year  was 48 Kg /ha on the home farm

Grass Growth this year on the 3rd April 2018 was 13 Kg/ha on the home farm

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Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor all cows constantly inside and outside.
  2. Record all tag numbers of cows bulling
  3. Monitor cows for Grass Tetany 
  4. Watch out for any pneumonia in the calves outside
  5. Monitor grass growth closely
  6. Cows to received their Lepto vac and mineral bolus