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Herd Update 19.02.18

General Detail

  • 50 % of the Newford Suckler Herd has now calved.
    • 53 cows has calved within 3 weeks ( 1st Feb to the 21st Feb)
  • 55 calves have now been born on Newford farm since the calving period begun. All cows and calves are doing fine. Including a set of twins.
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  • The average calf birth weight is 42 Kgs and the average Calving Score is 1.30  Summary as follows:
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  • One cow got e-coil mastitis after calving and has been treated and is responding well to treatment. Her calf is been foster onto another cow and calf for the moment.
  • Lime is been spread on the slats with the pre calving cows and it is also been spread on top of the straw bedding with the cows and calves to prevent any bacterial infection build up.
  • One cull cow was sent to factory and the other 2 remaining cull cows are still on 6 kg of meals and these will be sold as they come fit
  • ¾ of a bag of Urea (34.5 units) has been spread on all the driest paddock.  The average soil temperature @ 10 cm depth   in Athenry this week was 6 ° degrees.

Weather permitting late next week. First of the cows and calves will go to grass.

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Key Recommendations This Week

  1. Monitor all cows constantly as they are getting nearer to anticipated calving date.
  2. Order in Mg buckets for the cows when they go to grass.
  3. Weighed and vaccinated  ( Clostridial )the yearling animals before they go to grass
  4. Prepared for disbudding calves as they come of age.
  5. Order in vaccination for Clostridia, IBR and the  prevention of coccidiosis for the young calves
  6. Watch out for any health issues with the cows.

Carried out paddock fencing maintenance where required.