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Herd Update 17.04.17

General Details

  • 104 cows with 107 calves have been born  (Four sets of twins and one mortality)
  • 1 cows left to calve.
  • 102 cows and 105 calves are out at grass
  • One cow has been treated for grass tetany and has made a full recovered  hence extra magnesium mineral buckets has been put into the paddocks to reduce this problem
  • The average weight of the calves born is 43kg
  • 91% of the herd had a calving score between one and two
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  • Grass growth  is improving and a bag of CAN per acre was spread this week on the home farm
  • Calves are receiving their Tribovax T in batches as they become old enough.
  • Breeding season will start next the Monday the 24th and Matthew (farm manager) will be carrying out the AI for 2017.

Grassland Details

  • Farm Cover : 1114 kg/DM/ha
  • Growth /Ha :  77 kg/DM/ha
  • Farm Demand / Ha ( kg DM/ha/day )   49 Kg
  • Estimated DM : @  17 %
  • Days ahead :  23 Days
  • Current stocking rate LU / Ha   4.11
  • Grazing Area : 42.39 Ha
  • Silage closed area : 25.95

Suckler Herd

  • Monday the 24th of April will be the started of the 2017 breeding season.
  • All “ A I ” will be carried out by the Farm Manager this year
  • The below table contains the following  sires that will be used on the herd this year
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  • Extra magnesium buckets have been put  into  the paddocks with the cows to prevent grass tetany
  • Cows and calves are 2 groups on the home farm.


Key recommendations for this week

  1. Carry out repairs to fencing on the new rented farm.
  2. Record the tag number of cows coming in heat out in the fields.
  3. Watch out for any grass tetany in the herd


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