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Herd Update 01.05.17

General Details

  • 104 cows and 108 calves are grazing and no problems to report.
  • Ground conditions are excellent. Fertiliser spread over the last 10 days is slightly visible on the ground.
  • 19.4 ° C was record  in  Athenry on the 2nd May
  • 7 of the lightest replacement heifers on the contract rearing farm have been identify and will  return home to the Newford farm to be finished as beef animals
  • Newford  Farm  is now open for groups ( KT discussion groups & college’s)
  • Gurteen Agricultural Collage Dry-stock students (level 6) visited the farm on Thursday 4th  with college staff Colm Kelly and Martin Keenan
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Breeding Details

  • Breeding started on Monday 24th of April
  • Currently very good submission rates with 50 cows served by Wednesday 3rd May on the Newford main herd.
  •  6 Replacement  heifers bred to AI on the contract rearing farm Tuam
  • A. I. is been  carried out by Matthew the farm manager on the Newford herd
  • Once/day AI used -cows are being  inseminated at midday each day

Grassland Details

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  • 3rd rotation started on Thursday 4th May and all paddocks are being well grazed out due to excellent ground conditions.

  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1400 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha)

Key Recommendations for this Week

  • Heat check each group of cows.

  • Keep mineral buckets topped up and check cows for grass tetany.

  • Keep the chin ball harness topped up with paint on teaser bulls.

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