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HERD UPDATE 09.12.2019

General Detail

  • All the suckler cows have now been body condition scored and pen according to their scored
  • All the cows are on 100 g of pre-calving minerals , which is been spread on top of the silage each morning
  • The 24 cows with low body condition are still receiving 2 kg of soya hulls and this is been monitor on weekly bases. Any cow which gains body condition will be withdrawn from the concentrates.
    • One cow aborted on Monday the 9th on the slats. The remains of the foetus and afterbirth have been sent to Athlone Regional Veterinary Laboratory for testing. This cow has been isolated from the rest of the herd depending on results.
  • 9 beef bullocks and 7 cull cows were sent to the factory on the 27th of November.
  • The 9 bullocks slaughter ( 27TH Nov)
    • Live Wgt: 637 Kgs
    • Carcase Wgt: 346 Kgs
    • Kill out %: 54 %
    • Age: 21 Mts
    • Average grade:  R +  3 =     
  • 9 more bullocks was sent this week also to the factory ( 11th Dec )
    • Their average live weight was 591 Kgs.
    • There is 18 Beef bullocks left to be sold from the 2018 beef born progeny and these bullocks will be sent to the factory at the end of the month. These bullocks are on 6 Kgs of concentrates 
  • The 7 cull cows slaughter ( 27th Nov)
    • Live Wgt: 679 Kgs
    • Carcase Wgt: 331 Kgs
    • Kill out %: 49 %
    • Average grade: O =  4 -  
  • 3 more cull cows were sent to the factory on the 11th Dec.
    • Their average live weight was 599 Kgs
  • The following table contains the latest 2019 beef sale’s information for Newford Farm.
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  • All the weanlings have been treated for fluke, worms and lice. Their back’s  and tails have also been clip
  • The average housing date for the weanlings was the 9th November.
    • All the weanlings are on 2 Kgs of concentrates at 18% protein, along with 74 % DMD round bales of silage.
    • These weanlings will be weighted next week and Newford Farm’s, target for these weanlings  is to achieve 0.6 to 0.7 Kg ADG over the winter period.
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  • These male weanlings were housed on the 9th of November at an average weighted of 336 Kgs. They achieved ADG from birth to housing of  1.15 ADG
  • Their ADG from birth to weaning was 1.26 Kgs
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  • Visiting group of students to Newford Farm GRETB level 6  co-ordinated by Education Officer Serena     Gibbons Athenry

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor all cows closely on the slats  for any health problems
  2. Order the Rotavec  Corona for next month
  3. Watch the housed weanlings  closely for pneumonia  and keep fresh silage under their heads
  4. Checked and clean out all water troughs when necessary 
  5. Feed cows according to their pen body condition score