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HERD UPDATE 06.01.2020

General Detail

  • Newford farm is gearing itself up for the 2020 calving season at the moment.
  • All expecting cows are in good health and body condition.  First of the early calving cows have been treated with their Rotavec Corona vaccination.
  • First of the cows will be due towards the end of January -- early February
  • All the cows are on 100 g of pre-calving minerals , which is been spread on top of the silage each morning
  • The 24 cows with low body condition are still receiving 2 kg of soya hulls and these concentrates will ceased towards the end of this month.
  • All slats are being treated with lime and this has proven to be a very successful exercised to keep infections under control at this time of the year
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  • Slats treated with lime
  • All of the 2018 beef born progeny was slaughter in 2019. The last 18 bullocks were sent to the factory on the 30th December 2019. The following tables shows the comparisons for each year of beef sales since Newford farm commenced
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  • All the weanlings are performing well at the moment. They are still on 2 Kgs of concentrates at 18% protein along with 70- 74% DMD round bales of silage.
  • The weanlings were weighted on the 19th December
    • The males weanling were 359 Kgs (19th Dec)
    • Their ADG since birth was 1.07 Kgs

Their ADG since housing 0.57 Kgs ( Housed on the 9th of November)

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  • The heifer’s weighted in at 356 Kgs ( 19th Dec)
  • Heifers ADG since birth was 1.07 Kgs
  • Their ADG since housing was 0.60 Kgs ( Housed on the 9th of November)
  • All of the weanlings have been treated for lice. This was their second time since housing
  • One weanling was off form last week and was treated by the vet for stomach issues and is now improving


Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor all cows closely on the slats  as their calving due date approaches
  2. Check all calving equipment and purchase any material required for calving (Gel, gloves, red bulbs, disinfections etc.
  3. Prepare all sheds for calving
  4. Price around for Protected Urea fertiliser quotations
  5. Watch the housed weanlings  closely for pneumonia  and keep fresh silage under their heads
  6. Checked and clean out all water troughs when necessary