• The Farm

    Key Information About the Farm.

    The Newford Herd Farm is located at Junction 17 just off the M6 motorway at Teagasc, Athenry.

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    The Herd

    Consists of 100 Angus and Hereford cross Fresian cows, originating from the dairy herd and first calving at 24 months.

    The Herd Targets

    • 365 calving interval
    • 8-10 week calving spread
    • 80% cows calved within 8 weeks
    • Weaning a calf >50% their own body weight
    • Calf mortality to 28 days < 2%

    Breeding is based on all available ICBF data. Bulls are selected based on key traits:

    • 5* across breed
    • <6% calving difficulty
    • >25 kg carcase growth

    A combination of AI and natural service is used, with AI the main focus. Synchronisation has been used in 2015 on the back of previous Teagasc research work.

    Farm Facts

    • 55.8Ha
    • 100 cows
    • Stocking Rate: 2.7 L.U/Ha
    • System: Steer and heifer finishing 20-24 months
    • Cow Type: AA and HE/Holstein Friesian cross
    • Terminal Sires: Limousin, Charolais, Simmental
    • Calving period is February – April
    • Replacements sourced from the dairy herd
    • One labour unit management
    • The project is managed by Teagasc, Dawn Meats and the Irish Farmers Journal, with McDonald’s also supporting the initiative.
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