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Herd Update 28.01.19

General Detail

First of the cows (2) on Newford farm has calved. Both cows calved by themselves with no difficulties and carried their full pregnancy term. Both cows and calves are very healthy

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  • All calving sheds and holding area have been washed and disinfected and are  ready for calving , with footbaths  been place outside all areas of the calving pens to keep infections and bacteria under control
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  • More cows which are due to calve shortly have been drafted onto a straw bedded area, beside the calving pens.
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  • All cows and in-calf heifers are getting 100g of pre-calving minerals on top of the silage each morning.
  • Lime is been spread on the slats each morning with the pre calving cows to prevent any bacterial infections to build up.
  • All the male and female weanling‘s are on 2 Kg of meal and silage. All these young stocks have thrived well since housing, with no health issues.
  • The yearling heifers were weighted on Thursday 31st January. The batch of heifer’s average weight was 367 Kgs and their ADG since housing is 0.40 Kg (84 days). Silage quality DMD  had an effect on the yearling heifer’s performance. Summary as followed
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  • If weather conditions allowed, the Newford plan is turnout these heifers to grass in early February. The same will apply to the yearling males in Tuohy’s farm.
  • Grass measurement for the New Year has started on the 3 farms. The below table shows the closing cover for 2018 and the opening cover for 2019
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  • Once weather conditions allows, Urea will be spread on all farms.
  • This week’s grass cover was taken on the 28th January
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  • Newfd Farm is now closed to groups / visitors until the calving period is finished.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor all cows as they  approach , nearer to calving
  2. Check all calving equipment and purchase any materials required for calving (Plastic gloves, Gel, Spare Calving Jack Ropes, and Disinfection etc.).
  3. Watch out for any health issues with the cows.
  4. Check new born calves health each morning and evening.
  5. Treated calves naval a number of times
  6. Keep all footbaths full with disinfection
  7. Check all water troughs are clean in the pens
  8. Monitor condition of the in-calf heifers.