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Herd Update 26.07.16

General Details

  • Lost one calf this week with suspected coccidiosis, PM being completed
  • Weighing of calves took place this week.
  • Average weight of all calves: 206kg gaining 1.23kg/day
  • Bull Calves weight: 215 kg ( 1.31 Kg from Birth)
  • Heifer Calves weight: 197 kg ( 1.15 kg from Birth )
  • Steer weight on 27th June: 494kg gaining 1.25kg since 27th April
  • Heifer weight on 20th June: 451kg gaining .97 kg/day since 27th April
  • Newford Suckler Cow average weight 560 kg (11th July)
  • Newford Suckler Cow average B.C.S   2.63 (11th July)
  • Faecal samples for  parasite analysis were negative for all store animals
  • Castration to be completed on Tuesday 2nd August
  • Plan to select 35 cattle close to slaughter in mid-August and feed for 1 month prior to slaughter on week beginning 12th September

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover  848 kg DM/day on the  28th June
  • Average growth rate 63kg/DM/Ha over past 7 days
  • Average Demand 68 kg/DM/Ha
  • Currently 12 days ahead
  • Current stocking rate: 5.09 L.U/Ha
  • Current stocking rate in kg/ha: 3378 kg/Ha
  • Grass growth holding well with growth staying around demand
  • Sprayed off paddock 31 in Gort na hAbhainn and ready to reseed as soon as weather allows
  • Paddock 16 to be sprayed off for reseeding this week
  • Paddock 15 to get post emergence spray (Allistell) this week

Breeding details

  • Stock bulls were introduced to the Main Herd on the 10th June and taken out on 11th July
  • 61 cows out of 88 were scan in-calf on the 15th June
    • 27 cows in-calf to ZGM
    • 25 cows in-calf to FSZ
    • 9 cows in-calf to CKH
  • 19 Replacement Heifers out of 25 were scanned in-calf on the contract rearing farm in Tuam
  • Next scan is due on Friday August 5th

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Paddock 16 to be sprayed with post emergence spray as soon weather allows
  2. Paddock 15 to receive post emergence spray this week
  3. 2nd cut silage ready to be cut this weekend 30th July
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