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Herd Update 04.07.16

Matthew Murphy, Newford Farm, Athenry, Co. Galway

"Growth has eased back a little in the west this week with a growth of 53kg/DM/Ha/day being recorded here in Newford. This is a little below our demand figure of 65kg/ha/day but hopefully with temperatures coming back to normal at the weekend growth will increase. We currently have 11 days ahead and our farm cover is at 702kg/DM/Ha. We are stocked at 4.91 L.U/Ha on the grazing ground or 3260 kg/LW/Ha. We took out 6 strong paddocks last week and this has left things a little tight. Our first breeding scan went well with 61 cows out of a possible 79 in calf to calve in the first 4 weeks of the 2017 calving season. Heifers also scanned well with 19/25 in calf for the first 4 weeks. We are due to scan again at the end of the month. In light of extra heifers coming in and the good scanning rate we choose to finish breeding 1 week early and bulls came out on Monday 11th July. Bull calves were weighed on 29th June and weighed 175 kg with an average DOB of 20/3/16 are currently gaining 1.29 kg/day while heifer calves weighed 163kg with an average DOB of 16/03/2016 and are gaining 1.18kg/day. We will castrate our male calves at the end of this month".

General Details

  • Grass growth still very good with more surpluses to be taken out when weather allows
  • Store bullocks average weight 494 Kgs ( 0.83 Kgs from turnout )
  • Store Heifers average weight 451 Kgs ( 0.76 Kgs from turnout )
  • NewFord Bull Calves weight 175 Kgs ( 1.29 Kgs from Birth)
  • Newford Heifer Calves weight 163 Kgs ( 1.18 Kgs from Birth )
  • Contracted In-calf Replacement heifers average weight  448 Kgs (0.96kgs from turnout)
  • Contracted Replacement Heifer calves average weight  140 Kgs (0.76kg gain since birth)
  • Newford Suckler Herd average weight 585 Kgs ( 2nd June )
  • Newford Suckler Herd average B.C.S   2.89 (2nd June).
  • Faecal sample for  parasite analysis were negative for all store animals
  • The remainder replacement calves have now arrived on the contracted rearing farm
  • The two stock bulls have been swapped around  between the two Main Herd of cows

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover  905 kg DM/day on the  28th June
  • Average growth rate 68 kg/DM/Ha over past 7 days
  • Average Demand 77 kg/DM/Ha
  • Currently 12 days ahead
  • Current stocking rate: 5.93 L.U/Ha
  • 10cm soil temperatures in Athenry  this week at 16 degrees
  • All silage fields have  received slurry and fertiliser
  • Paddock 12A,14B,15,18B,21A,21B,22A and 31 to be baled on Tuesday

Breeding details

  • Teaser bulls were taken away from the Main Herd on the 10th June
  • Breeding  Stock bulls were introduced to the Main Herd on the 10th June
  • 61 cows out of 88 were scan in-calf on the 15th June
    • 27 cows in-calf to ZGM
    • 25 cows in-calf to FSZ
    • 9 cows in-calf to CKH
  • 19 Replacement Heifers out of 25 were scan in-calf on the contract rearing farm in Tuam

Key recommendations for this week

  1. The Stock bulls are to be removed from the Main Herd on the 11th July
  2. All the cows are to receive their booster IBR injection
  3. All the bull and heifer calves are to be separated into their own group
  4. Paddock 30 to be sprayed with post emergence spray as soon weather allows
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