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HERD UPDATE 24.06.19

General Details

  • The Breeding season started on the 22nd of April.
    • Nine weeks now breeding at Newford
    • All 101 cows that was for  breeding at the start  , have now been bulled
    • 93 cows were AI’d in the first 3 weeks
    • Breeding season will last for 10 weeks and  finishes on the 1st July
      • Scanning for both the cows and replacement heifers will take place early August
    • Breeding on the contract rearing farm in Co, Leitrim, ceased on the 3rd of June.                        6 weeks AI breeding only.
      • 21 heifers were bulled
      • 7 repeats during the 6 weeks  AI period
  • 105 cows and 107 calves at grass. Mineral buckets are with the cows in the paddocks to prevent Grass Tetany
  • All the calves were weighed on the 14th June and the ADG from birth for the bull calves was 1.23Kg per day. Average weight for the bull calves is 175 Kgs and the heifers are doing 1.22 Kg per day from birth and the heifer’s average weight is 171 Kgs.
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  • Grass measurement taken on the 24th of June
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  • Weather conditions and utilisation of grass in paddock is excellent at the moment
  • 52 surplus round bales of silage was taken off paddocks last weekend
  • All of these paddocks have now received 36 Kgs per acre of protective Urea (38N+S), since the round bales of silage has been cut.
  • Grass growth will be monitor very closely for the next few days due to the high pressure of weather which is occurring at the moment

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor all cows regularly for heat detection
  2. Watch calves closely for pneumonia.
  3. Keep teaser bull’s ball harness topped up with paint
  4. Monitor grass growth closely
  5. Keep mineral buckets out in paddocks with the cows