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HERD UPDATE 01.07.19

General Details

  • The Breeding season has finished on Newford farm for 2019.
    • Breeding started on the 22nd of April
    • Lasted for 10 weeks , and finished on the 1st of July
    • All 101 cows for breeding  were breed to 100 %  , AI over the 10 weeks
    • The average weighted of all the cows mid-June was 585 Kgs
    • The 2 teasers bulls will be group together and concentrates will be offer to them in the coming days and will be then sold off the farm at a later date
    • Scanning of the herd will take place early August.
  • The replacement heifers on the contract rearing farm were treated for worms and they also received their IBR 6 month’s booster.
    • These heifers were on a 6 weeks AI breeding, with AI finishing on the 3rd of June
    • These heifers will be scanned shortly
    • The weight of the breeding heifers (2nd July) was 398 Kgs @ 17 months of age. Their target weight for the 1st August is 412 Kgs
    • Summary as followed
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  • The 24 young replacement calves have settle in well on the contracted rearing farm with no disruption to their thrived since arriving.
    • These calves have been at grass since early May and were treated for worms and also received their clostridial vaccination.
    • The group is made up of 14 Herefords and 10 Aberdeen Angus. The average weight of the young calves is 110 Kgs.
    • Their target breeding weighted next April 2020 is 340Kgs. Summary as follow.
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  • Grass measurement taken on the 1st of  July
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  • Second cut round bales of silage will be cut on Tuohy’s farm next week, weather permitting.
    • A grass sample will be taken next week to check for sugar and nitrogen level
  • 22 surplus round bales of silage were taken of paddocks on Newford at the start of the week. Two paddocks in Tuohy’s will also be taken out with surplus bales towards the weekend.
  • 36kgs of Protective Urea ( 38N+S) per acre is being spread after each grazing
  • Grass growth will be monitor very closely for the next few days due to the high pressure of weather which is occurring at the moment

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Watch calves closely for pneumonia.
  2. Watch cows for summer mastitis
  3. Provide concentrates to the teaser bulls
  4. Monitor grass growth closely
  5. Keep mineral buckets out in paddocks with the cows
  6. Prepare for second cut silage round bales