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Herd Update 19.11.18

General Detail

  • 14 bullocks of the 61 in-spec bullocks were drafted for slaughter on Thursday the 14th November.
    • The average weight of the drafted steers was 707 Kgs
    • ADG from birth was 1.05 Kg
    • Summary of kill out as followed
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  • These in-spec bullocks were on concentrates from the 12th July. They were housed on the 12th October
    • They consumed 770Kgs  + /-  of concentrates ( over a period of 125 days)
    • Costing €204 per bullock
    • Total concentrates fed from life time  to slaughter  was 1004 Kgs  , costing €270 per bullock
    • The average kill out percentage was 53%
    • Average carcase wgt 374 Kgs
  • The remaining bullocks (47) are on 10 kg of concentrates (5kg in the morning and 5 kg in the evening) plus silage. The next draft of these in-spec bullocks will be due to take place early December.
  • All the weanlings are on 2 Kg of meal and silage. All weanling have settled in well after housing with no health issues to report.
  • The below table shows the comparison of the weanlings over the last 4 years at weaning and housing. With good sire selection and as the Newford herd is maturing each year  the weight gain of the weanlings are increasing year on year as the below table shows along with good husbandry management.
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    • The 20 in-calf heifers on the contract rearing farm have returned home to Newford. These heifers will isolate for a period of time.

    The 23 replacement heifers calves were weighted on the 8th November and their weights are shown on the table below

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    Key recommendations for this week

    1. Monitored the  in-calf heifers  to Newford
    2. Monitored weanlings for pneumonia and coccidiosis
    3. Identify options of dry cow minerals