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Herd Update 16.10.2017

General Detail

  • Ground conditions deteriorated further and the decision was made to house the 20 steers who were receiving 5kg of concentrate. These bullocks are now on 6kgs of meal (3kg morning and evening). They were 213 days at grass
  • All 107 weanling are now back at grass receiving 2kg of meal.
  • The following is a break down on sires performance on the Newford Farm weanlings up to weaning
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  • 17 heifers and 4 cull cows were sent to the factory last Wednesday the 18th. The breakdown will be in next week notes.
  • 40% of the Newford Farm paddocks are now grazed off and closed.
  • The lighter weanlings (22) will be brought to Gort na hAbhainn to graze out heavier covers.
  • All of Raheen Woods and Touhy’s farm is now closed for the year

Please Note

Newford Farm welcomes all farmers and KT Discussion groups to the farm


Key recommendations for this week

  1. Check calves for pneumonia and coccidiosis
  2. Watch out for any mastitis in the dry cows
  3. Prepare and identify paddocks for closing
  4. Weigh all the remain beef bullocks and heifers
  5. Complete faecal egg samples for the weanlings