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Herd Update 15.01.18

General Details

  • Results from the Regional Veterinary Lab on the first cow who aborted came back as in-conclusive. The second cow who aborted had a bacterial infection and this caused her to abort the calf.
    • These cows will be fattened and culled out of the herd
  • An Agricultural student has started his 3 months work placement on the farm.
  • The yearling replacement heifers were weighed on the 12th January. Summary  as follows:
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  • There are 16 yearling heifers getting no meal and are consuming 82% DMD round bale silage and their average weight is 316 Kgs.
  • The remaining lighter 10 heifers are on 1.5 Kgs of weanling ration @ 16% protein plus ad-lib silage.
  • Aim to turnout these yearling heifers to grass roughly 14th February on the contract rearing farm in Tuam.
  • First of the cows due to calf in 2018 and the in –calf replacement heifers have received their Rotavec Corona vaccination (8th January).
  • 86 cows and 22 in-calf heifers to calf down in Newford this spring.
  • All cows are on pre-calving minerals.
  • All cows body condition is been monitored on a weekly basics.
  • The pen of cows, which had a lower body condition score are still on 2Kgs of Soya Hulls.

Key Recommendations

  1. Prepare sheds for calving.
  2. Monitor slurry levels in the tanks.
  3. Check all calving equipment and purchase any materials required for calving (Plastic gloves, Gel, Spare Calving Jack Ropes, and Disinfection etc.).
  4. Watch out for any health issues with the cows.
  5. Monitor condition of the in-calf heifers.