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Herd Update 11.02.19

General Detail

  • Calving activity is in full progression at the moment on Newford farm.
    • 28 % of the suckler herd has now calved down
    • 31 cows calved with 32 calves ( 1 set of Twins)
    • First calf born on the 30th January
    • All cows and calves are very healthy
    • No calving difficulty to report on the farm at the moment.
    • The average calf birth weight is 43 Kgs
    • Calving scored for the herd so far 1.3
  • First of the cows and their calves are a week at grass now.  Weather condition are very favourable at the moment, with the average air temperature at 9 ®C on Thursday the 14th .and the average soil temperature at 10 cm soil depth was 8.1 ® C.
  • The  good weather at the moment has contribute to the farm in many ways by being able to get stock out early  , which has saved the yard on fodder , straw  and labour input
  • Cows and calves at grass enjoying the weather , with their bucket of mineral to prevent Grass Tetany
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  • Disinfecting footbaths are in place at all the entrances of the calving area and also with the calved cows and calves entrances sheds. This practice was carried out last year and proved to be very successful to keep infections levels under control.
  • All cows and in-calf heifers are getting 100g of pre-calving minerals on top of the silage each morning.
  • Lime is been spread on the slats each morning with the pre calving cows to prevent any bacterial infections to build up.
  • The yearling heifers (53) have returned back to grass on Thursday the 14th February.  All heifers are doing fine at the moment.
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  • First of the yearling steers (21) have gone to grass also last Wednesday the 13th. The rest of the steers will go to grass early next week.
  • An Agricultural student (Mountbellew College) has started her 3 month’s work replacement on the farm
  • This week’s grass cover was taken on the 11th February
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  • Soil temperature on Newford Farm, Thursday the 14th was 8.1 ® C at 10 cm depth.
  • The spreading of Urea will begin next week.
  • Newford Farm is now closed to groups / visitors until the calving period is finished.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor all cows constantly as they are getting nearer to anticipated calving date.
  2. Initial enquiries on teaser bulls for the breeding season in 10 weeks’ time.
  3. Prepared for disbudding calves as they come of age.
  4. Order in vaccination for Clostridia, IBR and the prevention of coccidiosis
  5. Watch out for any health issues with the cows.
  6. Check new born calves health each morning and evening.
  7. Treated calves naval a number of times
  8. Keep all footbaths full with disinfection
  9. Check all water troughs are clean in the pens
  10. Monitor condition of the in-calf heifers.
  11. Registered for the BEEP Scheme