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Herd Update 07.03.16

General Details

  • Calving started on 14th February with 30/98 (30%) cows calved by Tuesday 8th March
  • Farm is now closed to all visitors until 1st May 2016, this is to ensure good disease control
  • Weanling Heifers housed last week due to ground conditions but replacement heifers remained outdoors
  • Plan to turn out cows and calves this Thursday 10th March in sheltered paddocks

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover 1049kg DM/day on 8th March
  • Soil temperatures in Athenry currently 6 degrees
  • Average winter growth of 3.79 kg/dm/day
  • Plan to turn out cows and calves on Thursday 10th March
  • Plan to have 40% of the farm grazed by 20th March
  • Currently 11.2 Ha grazed (20%) on Tuesday 8th March
  • Plan to be finished first rotation by 15th April
  • Plan to close silage fields in last week of March
  • 23 units/Acre UREA spread across 40% of the farm on 25th February

Housing/Nutrition details

  • All cows receiving pre-calving minerals at rate of 100 grams/head/day
  • Pre calving cows on restricted diet with straw included
  • All concentrates ceased to weanlings and young stock

Key recommendations for this week

  • Ensure calving pens are bedded regularly
  • Currently cows penned according to BCS and feed is being restricted to cows over 4 BCS
  • Pre calving cows being fed straw 3 days each week
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