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Herd Update 06.03.17

General Details

  • 70 % of the Newford Suckler Herd has now calved within 4 ½ weeks - first calf born was on 2nd February. No major problems to report so far.
  • 73 cows have calved with 76 live calves (Four sets of twins and one mortality).
  • The average weight of the calves born is 42.5kg
  • The average calving score is 1.51
  • Replacement Heifers on the contract rearing farm in Tuam went to grass on the 20th January and were rehoused again on the 23rd February due to poor weather conditions. The heifers were getting 2 Kg of meal at grass. Target weight for breeding in May is 350kg.
  • Cows and heifers are being drafted to the holding area as required before calving
  • Lime is being applied to the slats to reduce infection levels for cows that are waiting to calve. It is also being applied to straw bedding under the cows and calves to reduce infection.
  • Cows with calves will go to grass as soon as conditions improve. Unfortunately we had very wet conditions again this week  with 24.5 mm of rain  falling on Friday the 3rd March
  • Mapping the land with the new grasshopper GPS system has started and will be finish next week

Grassland Details

  • Farm Cover : 1015kg/DM/ha
  • Growth /Ha :  12kg/DM/ha
  • Estimated DM : @  15 %

Suckler Herd

  • Cows and older calves will go to grass in sheltered paddocks as soon as ground conditions improve.

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Calves will continue to be disbudded at 2 weeks and receive their intranasal IBR vaccination.
  2. Monitor cows and heifers close to calving.
  3. Weighed the yearling males and heifers and the replacement heifers on the contract rearing farm.
  4. Keep all calving pens and area disinfected as calving continues
  5. Carried out a strict inspection each morning on every calf in the yard for health issues.