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Herd Update 03.07.17

General Detail

  • Newford Farm had a Bord Bia Quality Assurance inspection today Friday the 7th and the farm passed all the criteria required.
  • Parasite analysis results came back for the Steers and Beef heifers and there was no detection of Liver fluke. The calves results show very minor infections
  • One cow died during the week from grass tetany.
  • Newford calves were weight on the 22nd of June. See table for break down on Sires performance on the Newford herd
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  • Weighing of the replacement heifer calves  on the contract rearing farm in Tuam was carried out on the 30th June and the results are as follow
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Breeding Details

  • The two stock bulls (SI & LM) were taken out from the Newford Herd on Monday the 3rd of July, hence this ended the breeding season.   
  • Scanning of the herd will take place at the end of July

Grassland Details

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  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1450 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha)
  • To view our grass measurement report log onto and click Newford Farm on the drop down menu

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Check calves for signs of pneumonia
  2. Put out Mg buckets out with the cows
  3. All the cows are to receive their booster IBR vaccination.