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Herd Update 01.08.18

General Detail

  •  Newford Suckler herd was scanned on Thursday the 2nd of August and out of the 100 cows which were bred at the start of the breeding season:
    • 91 scanned in-calf
    • 60 cows held to 1st service
    • 20 cows held to 2nd service
    • 11 cows held to 3rd service
    • Including 4 sets of twins
    • 10 weeks breeding
  • The Replacement Heifers on the contract rearing farm were also scanned.
    • 20 heifers out of 25 scanned in-calf.
    • These heifers were AI over a 6 weeks period.
  • The suckler calves were weighted on the 1st of August. Summary as follows
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  • All the male calves were castrated on the 1st of August by the vet.
    • Calves are been creep fed at the moment
  • The 61 beef bullocks are getting 5 kg of meal at grass.
  • Grass growth in the last week has been very good, hence in the coming days Newford will be taking out paddocks for round bales of silage.

Newford Farm Open Day

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  • Newford farm will hold its second Open Day since the programme begun on the 5th September
  • The event is KT approval
  • Topics will included
    • Breeding / Genetics / A.I. / Weaning 
    • Farm Plan / Profit Monitor    
    • Grassland Management / Autumn Management
    • Animal Health & Finishing                                                                                      

Grassland Management Details

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  • Grass cover taken last Tuesday the 7th August.
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Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitor grass conditions daily
  2. Put mineral buckets back into paddocks to prevent grass tetany as a precaution due to the increase of lush grass after the latest rainfall.
  3. Prepare for Open day