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Herd Updates 05.09.16

General Details

  • Ground conditions have deteriorated a lot over the past few days
  • Looking at option of housing remaining finishing cattle in coming days
  • 12 heifers and 3 cows selected for possible slaughter next week
  • Finishing heifers group weighed 475kg on 27th July and gained .83 kg/day since 27th April
  • Finishing steers group weighed 513kg on 27th July and gained 1.03 kg/day since 27th April
  • Bull calves weighed on 6th September and weighed 272kgs and gained 1.34kg/day since birth
  • Heifer calves weighed on 6th September and weighed 254kg and gained 1.23 kg/day

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover 1250  kg DM/day
  • Average growth rate 64kg/DM/Ha over past 7 days
  • Average Demand 47 kg/DM/Ha
  • Currently 27 days ahead
  • Current stocking rate: 3.34 L.U/Ha
  • Current stocking rate in kg/ha: 2328 kg/Ha
  • Difficult to achieve good clean out of paddocks in current wet conditions
  • Last round of nitrogen spread at end of August

Breeding details

  • Scanning was completed on the 10th August. 86 cows in calf out of possible 88 put to bull
  • 23 heifers out of 25 heifers went in calf in Tuam.
  • These 2 empty heifers have joined the group of finishing heifers
  • 57 cows and 23 heifers to calve in first 4 weeks of 2017 calving season (73%)
  • Average cow weight on 11th July: 560kg
  • Average BCS of cows on 11th July: 2.44

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Continue to feed forward finishing group 5kg/head/day
  2. Prepare to draft cattle for slaughter next week
  3. Commence meal feeding of second group of lighter finishing cattle at rate of 3kg/head/day
  4. Prepare sheds for possible housing of forward finishing group next week
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