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Herd Update 29.10.18

General Detail

  • Ground conditions and utilisation of paddocks is still remaining excellent for this time of the year, considering all the suckler cows were nearly 2 months housed this time last year .
  • Most of the paddocks on all of the 3 farms have now been closed for early grass for next spring 2019
  • The suckler cows will be housed  next week  
  • All 104 weanling are on 2 Kgs of concentrates at grass
  • The average weaning date for all of the weanlings was the 4th October 2018
    • The male weanlings did 1.24 Kg from birth to weanling
    • The heifers weanlings did 1.18 Kg from birth to weanling
  • One weanling died last week, suspected case of pneumonia
  • All the Steer bullocks (61) have now been housed. They were on average 176 days at grass since turnout (19th April). Their housing weight was 595 Kgs. Summary as follow
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  • These steers were treated at housing with a short withdrawn period pour on for round and lungworms.
  • These steers are now on 8 Kg of concentrates (4 kg morning and evening) plus silage and as soon as these in-spec steers become fit for slaughter, they will be sent to the factory.
  • Lime has been spread on all of Touhy’s 13.03 ha farm (2 ton per acre) one paddock got 3 ton per acre. Based on soil sample results.

Grassland Management Deatails

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Grass cover taken last Monday the 29th of October

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Key recommendations for this week

  1. Monitored cows after weaning for mastitis
  2. Monitored weanlings for pneumonia and coccidiosis
  3. Keep  mineral buckets in the paddock to prevent grass tetany as temperature begins to drop back at night time
  4. Silage sample the second cut.