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Herd Update 26.09.16

General Details

  • Ground conditions have not improve  over the last past few days
  • Grass is starting to get scares from the wet weather
  • The finishing  cattle  are been built up to 5 Kgs of meal per day
  • The remaining finishing steers housing weight is 543 Kgs. Their ADG from birth is 0.91 Kgs and the ADG at grass was 0.76 Kgs ( 26th February – 17th September)
  • The remaining finishing heifers housing weight is 494 Kgs. Their ADG from birth is 0.82 Kgs and the ADG at grass was 0.65 Kgs (26th February – 17th September)
  • Replacement heifer’s calves weighed 199 Kgs and their ADG from birth is 0.79 Kgs. They are eating on average 1 kg of meal per day
  • The 23 in-calf heifers weighed 485 Kgs. They were injected this week due to some coughing in the herd along with the replacement calves
  • Silage pits were measure for silage tonnage ( First cut 442 tonnes and second cut 413 tonnes)
  • There are 290 round bales also on the farm.
  • First of the weanling’s got their Bovipast RSP and IBR vaccination on Thursday 29th
  • Weanling’s that are going under the electric wire are consuming on average 1 Kg of meal per day
  • Paddock closure for the year has started.

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover 823  kg DM/day
  • Average growth rate 46 kg/DM/Ha
  • Average Demand 30 kg/DM/Ha
  • Currently 27 days ahead
  • Current stocking rate: 2.14 L.U/Ha
  • Current stocking rate in kg/ha: 1484 kg/Ha
  • Difficult to achieve good clean out of paddocks in current wet conditions

Suckler Herd

  • Magnesium buckets have been left out to the herd in the fields

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Finish the clipping of  tails and back of the  house animals
  2. Keep preparing the farm for more  paddock closure
  3. Spread the last of the slurry.
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