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HERD UPDATE 25.03.19

General Details

  • Newford farm is just over 8 weeks into its calving period.
    • 93 % of the suckler herd has now calved down
    • 102 cows calved with 100 calves ( 4 sets of Twins)
      • 8 cows left to calved down
      • Two calves died shortly after birth
      • One calf  got pneumonia and   was treated , but died.
      • Two still births
      • One calf died inside the cows womb from an infection
      • One cow died at grass suspected case of a heart attack
      • One cow died from health issues
    • First calf born on the 30th January
    • All cows and calves are very healthy
    • No calving difficulty to report on the farm at the moment.
    • The average calf birth weight is 41 Kgs
    • Calving scored for the herd so far is 1.29
    • Summary as follows
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  • 85 cows and 87 calves are now at grass. Weather conditions are very good at the moment and all stock is thriving outside.  Mineral buckets have been placed  in the paddocks with the cows to prevent Grass Tetany
  • All 104 yearling steers and heifers are now at grass.
  • The steers went to grass on the 23rd of March @ 382 Kgs and the heifers went to grass on the 27th February @ 357 Kgs. The heifers were housed for 107 days and the steers for 131 days over the winter period before turnout.
  • Grass measurement taken on the 25th of March
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  • This year’s grass growth is in green and the growth is much ahead, as compared too this time last year when it was  cold and very wet
  • 52 % of the first rotation on  Newford Farm has now been grazed
  • All of the 3 farms have received 35 units of Urea to the acre (¾ of a bag) so far this year and the plan is too spread another 35 units towards this weekend.
  • Most of Tuohy’s farm has been roll , to prepare it for the grazing season
  • Newford Farm is now closed to groups / visitors until the calving period is finished.
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Key recommendations for this week

  1. Prepared for disbudding calves as they come of age.
  2. Watch out for any health issues with the cows , especially Grass Tetany
  3. Check new born calves health each morning and evening.
  4. Keep all paper work up to date
  5. Prepare for teaser bulls arrived and check / clean bull marking  harness
  6. Check that AI flask is serviced and maintenance is up to standard
  7. Carried out maintenance fencing work on the outside farms