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Herd Update 04.09.17

General Detail

  • Ground conditions have not improved this week with some poaching and utilisation is poor as a result.
  • One calf has Coccidiosis and is responding slowly to treatment.
  • Newford steers and heifers were weighed on the 5th September.


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  • Meal feeding started on the 9th of August for these 20 Bullocks on the above table
  • They have consumed 114kgs of concentrate each to date  (23 cent/kg)
  • Cost to date  €26.50 per animal
  • Average daily gain since turnout is 1.12kg/day
  • ADG over the last 28 days is  1.75kg/day (High because cattle were weighed empty coming out of a bare paddock on previous weighing)
  • Meal feeding to these 20 bullocks  is costing  €1.15/day (5kg of meal)
  • These bullocks are now 178 day’s at grass up to the 8th September.
  • The aim is to sell these 20 in-spec bullocks at end of September/early October off grass
  • The remaining 27 bullocks are gaining 0.88kg/day since turnout and these will be finished indoors. These animals are getting no meal at the moment.
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  • Meal feeding started on the 28th of July for the 42 beef heifers
  • They have consumed 174kg of meal per head to date (23 cent/kg)
  • Cost to date 174kg x 23 cent = €40
  • ADG since turnout is 0.97kg/day
  • Average Daily Gain for the beef heifers over the last 28 days is  1.03 Kgs /day
  • Meal feeding is costing  €1.15/day (5kg concentrate)
  • The first of these heifers will be sold shortly
  • 7 replacement heifers that were not fit for breeding in May returned to Newford farm for summer grazing. These were sold live off the farm this week.
  • 20 first time calvers and their calves were moved to Raheen Woods to the after grass.
  • These calves were treated for worms and received their booster IBR vaccination. These calves were weighed and summary as follow
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THZ Bull calf born 2nd Feb – 307kgs gaining 1.24kg since birth out of a heifer

  • Creep feeding the calves began on the 24th August and weanling will commence in short.

Grassland Detail

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  • Target pre grazing paddocks at 1400/1450 Kg DM (kg DM/Ha)
  • To view our grass measurement report log onto and click Newford Farm on the drop down menu

Key recommendations for this week

  1. Keep silage covers on pit tight
  2. Check calves for pneumonia and coccidiosis
  3. Keep tetany buckets out with cows
  4. Build the Autumn Grass wedge
  5. Get first cut silage tested
  6. Weight the rest of the weanlings
  7. Prepare for weanling the first of the calves

Please Note

Newford Farm welcomes all farmers and KT Discussion groups to the farm