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Herd Update 03.05.16

General Details

  • Calving started on 14th February with 92/98 (90%) cows calved by Thursday 5th May and 88 live calves on the ground
  • Grass growth rate improving all the time
  • All weanlings and 87 cows and calves currently grazing
  • 25 replacement heifers moved to contract rearer on Wednesday 20th April

Grassland Details

  • Average farm cover 924kg DM/day on 5th May
  • Average growth rate 61kg/DM/Ha over past 7 days
  • Average Demand 45kg/DM/Ha
  • Currently 21 days ahead
  • Current stocking rate: 3.73 L.U/Ha
  • Soil temperatures in Athenry currently 10.1 degrees
  • 1 bag pasture sward/acre spread across 80% of grazing paddocks on farm on Friday 15th April
  • 1 bag Sulpha CAN/acre spread across 30% of paddocks this week
  • 1 paddock getting too strong (2000kg/dm/Ha) and will possibly be baled next week

Breeding details

  • Teaser bulls turned out on Thursday 28th April
  • Breeding started in cows on Friday 29th April
  • Cows being inseminated at mid-day each day by commercial AI technician
  • Cows in 2 main groups
  • 1 group of first and 2nd calvers
  • 1 group of mature cows
  • Breeding started in heifers on Monday 25th April
  • Currently very good submission rates with 26 cows served by Thursday 5th May

Key recommendations for this week

1. Heat check each group 5 times daily (20 mins each group)

2. Roadway being completed this week

3. Spread fertiliser on all grazed paddocks(1 bag Sulpha CAN/acre)

4. Fencing maintenance needed in Gort na hAbhainn around handling unit

5. Power washing to continue in all sheds

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