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HERD UPDATE 22.04.19

General Details

  • Newford farm is into its 12th week of the calving period.
    • 99 % of the suckler herd has now calved down. ( one cow left to calved down)
    • 109 cows calved with 108 calves ( 5 sets of Twins)
    • First calf born on the 30th January
    • All cows and calves are very healthy
    • No calving difficulty to report on the farm at the moment.
    • The average calf birth weight is 41 Kgs
    • Calving scored for the herd so far is 1.29
  • The Breeding season has started again on the 22nd of April.
    • All cows were tail painted last week and heat detection was been recorded in a note book for the last 2 weeks
    • Two teaser bulls are running with the cows. One with each group
    • Each teaser bull is equated with an chin ball harness for marking the cows
    • 100 % AI is been used on the farm.
    • Breeding season will last for 10 weeks and  finishing on the 1st July
    • Once a day AI used, cows are been inseminated at midday each day.
    • If a cow is AI at 12 o’clock and if she is still showing signs of been in heat again that evening , that same cow will be AI again the next day ( 12 o’clock am)
    • The majority of Newford cows are in ideally body condition for breeding.
    • The benefit of turning out  the cows early after calving , has contributed to the cows been in good body condition and ready for breeding
    • Cows after been tail paint green
  • The sires which will be used on the Newford Herd for 2019 are as follows.
  • These bulls were selected on the following criteria
    • 5 Star Terminal Index
    • < 9 % calving difficulty for strong mature cows
    • < 7 % calving difficulty for mature cows
    • < 5 % for 1st and 2nd Calvers
    • > 40 Kg predicted carcase weight mature cows
    • >30 Kg predicted carcase weight first Calvers
    • Reliability of > 80 %
    • Cost of AI straw less than €15             
  • Grass measurement taken on the 23rd of April
  • Newford has started its second rotation last week on the home farm.
  • Grass growth has been excellent over the Bank Holiday period, which meant Newford was able to cut a number of paddocks for round bales (27 acres).
    • 190 round bales of silage were wrapped. 7 bales per acre.
  • 2000 gals of cattle slurry has now been spread on those paddocks which the bales have come off. By using the Trailing shoe method
  • Newford Farm is now closed to groups / visitors until the calving period is finished.
  • Key recommendations for this week
  • Monitor all cows regularly for heat detection

  • Watch out for any health issues with the cows , especially Grass Tetany
  • Keep teaser bull’s ball harness topped up with paint
  • Monitor grass growth closely
  • Keep mineral buckets out in paddocks with the cows
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